Okay, I'm here to talk about something that's been bothering me since Midnight came out, because I want the input and opinion of the general public on this.

And that would be the problem of the queens.

It started with Goldenflower, but her I understood a bit. She was nearly elder age and couldn't fulfill the normal tasks of warrior well anymore, so she decided to serve her Clan by helping in the nursery. That was all fine and good.

But then there was Ferncloud, whom I do not believe I've ever seen listed as a warrior except for a brief moment in Twilight right before Daisy showed up and Ferncloud decided to move right back in to the nursery. She entered the nursery most likely very shortly after being made warrior (you all saw how she and Dustpelt were in the OS), and she's still relatively young. She has no reason to not help her Clan out by hunting and patrolling.

And speaking of Daisy...

Why is she there? Why is she in ThunderClan? She contributes nothing but her kits and a bit of confused angst on Spiderleg's part. She just leeches off in every other aspect. Sure, she says she helps the Clan by helping with kits, but I'm pretty sure the queens that give birth to said kits can handle them, just as they have in the past.

Look, in the beginning of Warriors, it was shown that Rusty being taken in was a very rare thing, and he was put to the test again and again to prove his usefullness. Cloudtail did the same, as did Millie. Even when Sasha joined RiverClan she at least knew enough to know that, while her kits could be happy and useful to the Clan, it wasn't the life for her and left to be a loner. Firestar, Cloudtail, and Millie contribute to their Clan and follow the Warrior Code.

Daisy and Ferncloud really aren't in my opinion. Ferncloud's even had warrior training, but to no purpose apparently. Think about it: in Firestar's Quest, was it not stressed in the case of Clovertail that all cats must learn to help and defend their Clans? Not that that did much good, Clovertail's staying in the nursery as well. But in the book it is explained to her that, in return for the foor, shelter, and protection the Clan provides, she must do her part to help the Clan, and she eventually agreed to train. And in Crookedstar's Promise, Rainflower states that queens put off going to the nursery so they can continue helping their Clan as long as possible, implying that staying in the nursery and being looked after all the time isn't the most worthy way of going about this.

I think Daisy and Ferncloud spending their lives in the nursery is pretty much breaking the warrior code, as they are contributing next to nothing to their Clan and are instead enjoying the warmest and safest den in the gorge while having their food caught for and taken to them, even when there are no kits at all in the nursery to look after.

What do you guys think about this?