No real spoilers here, just discussion in general about Warriors.

There have been several moments when I have been reading Warriors lately and I've had to remind myself at some point or another that I am reading about cats. Not that I've ever had a problem with that. I've always found books told from the perspective of animals to be fascinating.

However, I find that the Erins, along with some fans lately, have been forgetting that they are writing/reading about feline characters, particularly in terms of relationships.

Let's look at a contrast of then and now, shall we?

In the original series, you had a lot of relationships that wouldn't make sense to humans but are normal for cats (i.e, cats with multiple mates over time, cats mating with family... Willowpelt...). No one bat an eye at it or thought it strange. Cats showed little to no jealousy when an old mate or love interest moved on to another cat. Cats could have "one night stands" and toms could ignore their kits, it was no problem as this was a normal occurrence for felines. Cats would get over lost love and would find new love, it was simple.

Now, though... You have cats who refuse to get over lost love, who are driven insane when they lose a potential mate to someone else. Among some fans it is scandalous that any cat could take two mates over their lifetime or that one she-cat could have three toms interested in her. It is considered a major folly in the books if a tom doesn't show much interest in his kits because what happened between him and his former mate was a one time thing. When the authors notice that they accidentally have an uncle showing slight interest in his niece, it is ignored in later books as if it never happened.

I loved the original series of books because it showed what I thought to be cats genuinely thinking and acting like cats do. Now the cats of the Clans are behaving and thinking more and more like humans do. This is a bit disappointing to me, personally. Does anyone care to discuss the matter?

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