Firestar is a cat who many like and others hate. I am one to question Firestar's (rather long) leadership.

Firestar proved himself worthy, became accepted into the Clan, and lead his Clan through his first real battle as leader; the battle with BloodClan.

I liked him better in the OS, but even then he struck me as a bit stuck up. Honestly, I didn't see much of him in the NP series, except for him getting out fo the forest, then getting killed//hurt by Hawkfrost. :S Tbch, I skimmed the NP books (eh, they bored me) but I did pick up some things throughout.

Here are some of the things that make me question Firestar's leadership in NP:

  • Does he agree with his Clan at all? In Sunset, when the Clan was debating allowing (I think) Stormfur and Brook into the Clan, some of his Clanmates didn't agree with letting them stay. Dustpelt, Mousefur. But instead he decides for them all, and stalks off into his den.
  • He fails to appoint a deputy because he's grieving for Graystripe. Dude, you need to follow the warrior code. Do you want it to end up like Mossfire and Jumpfoot? Just because Graystripe is gone doesn't mean you can't appoint a new deputy. Even a temporary one. It's been done before, yes? Graystripe could be dead, but Firestar thinks about himself, not about the Clan.

I do think NP has the most reasons of why I hate Firestar. Well, here we are in the next series which I honestly don't remember much of, but here we go.

  • Firestar's Clan seems to be getting into lots of minor skirmishes with other Clans. Hmm I wonder what that's about? Maybe the other Clans just assume ThunderClan's weak because Firestar allows kittypets and loners into the Clan
  • I recall Russetfur asking about Sol in (I think Eclipse), asking if Firestar was taking in another kittypet. Ooh, snap.

Eh, I'll see what else I can find since I have 0 books at hand form Po3.

Firestar's leadership is becoming unstable. I think all the Clans were starting to realize, and I think that's what happened in Eclipse with the big battle and all? Firestar makes his Clan look weak. He makes his leadership look weak. I don't think Firestar is a good leader at all.

Discussion commence?

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