This is my blog, and my userpage. I understand this is a community wiki, but the wiki is why I'm creating this blog post. I'd like for this not to be deleted, since I'm not here just to say something completely pointless.

A little birdie told me that this wiki is becoming DRAMA CENTRAL. I'm not naming names. But oh, I know it is. And maybe things have changed from now to then. But I'm going to start with topic 1

  • Topic 1: Toleration of the "n00bs".

It seems like the senior members of this wiki tend to get easily irritated at the mistakes of "newbies". Not everyone is friendly and accepting, although everyone has, at one time been a "n00b." I think this is where I should give a shout out to one remarkable user: ♫~Berry~♫. Berry has come a looong way. I joined around the same time as her, and we were never really close, but we chatted from time to time.

When Berry was new to this wiki, I am positive that people didn't regard her with as high respect as they do now. And I'm not trying to insult anyone, in fact I am trying to congratulate Berry. Berry's work is beautiful and she is a very very sweet person. But I don't think that many people regarded her in such high esteem when she joined.

That's part of the problem: No one sees the "noobs'" potential. They only see the new user who needs to "read the chat rules again because you used chatspeak >.>" It kind of feels like when you first join, you have to prove yourself. There's no just logging on, getting on chat and laughing with the other users. It's feeling like your chararts have to be Type A or you have to constantly make edits. And I'm glad people are motivated by this "wanting to be well liked." But some can be very obnoxious to new users, sometimes when they don't know better. This also goes along with disincluding someone from the conversation. If someone asks "Hey, what's going on?" your proper response should be "Oh we're all talking about ______!" rather than ignoring the user just because they aren't well respected on the wiki. Also I think we should drop the ">.>" emote. It's ok to be annoyed, but I know that emote makes me feel like shit. Pardon my French, but that's the only way to describe it. 


  • Topic 2: This is a community wiki that anyone can edit.

I'm not saying you do this every time. But when a new user edits frequently and well, congratulate them. It's hard work looking in those books and finding cites and references. If they edit often but "incorrectly", DO NOT ASSUME THEY ARE A TROLL. Assume they might want to help, and point them in the right direction. Give them a few editing tips, why not! If they give you reasons to believe they are a proxy troll, you can be stern with them. But if theyre only trying to help, GOD FORBID YOU GIVE THEM THAT ANNOYED FACE.

  • Topic 3: Give ALL users a little freedom

It's ok to disagree with someone. PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT shout at them or be angry with them for disagreeing with you. Tell them why they are wrong. People try, but you can never please everyone. I think this entire wiki could be a bit nicer. Maybe then we wouldn't have drama central.

I respect the chat rules. I respect the users. I do not intend to hurt anyone. But I do understand some of you will probably take my opinion to shit. I'm not wiki-famous and I have no inclination to be wiki-famous. I jusy have the guts to say something. Finally.

I apologize if this seems like a loquacious spiel. This is my thoughts, and I haven't been here in a while. I don't know if things have changed, but it reflects badly on the wiki that I'm even making this post. Please do not delete this.

Good job, warriors wiki. Good job.

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