Some of you are asking if Thistleclaw really did deserve the Dark Forest, and if being battle-hungry is really that bad.

Well, he did much more than that.

Thistleclaw has been arrogant and rude, basically since Bluepaw and Snowpaw became apprentices. He has been noted multiple times in the books to be defying the warrior code. He refuses to let Bluefur spend much time with Whitekit, and I believe that his one moment of true thoughtfulness was when Snowfur died.

Thistleclaw is infected with jealousy and ambition for most of his life. Even sounding the alarm at Snakerocks when there was nothing to be afraid of tells me that he is an annoying brat that wants nothing more than to be in charge. Cats could have died because of his impudence.

And there's more. He, if he was leader, would definetly, in my opinion send kits into battle much too young. He was seen by Bluefur training Whitekit vicious battle moves, a statement I will provide as proof of my hypothesis. He was undoubtedly a rough mentor on Tigerstar, who seems to inherit the trait of battle hunger his mentor seemed to posess. Like Scourge, he made decisions that affected the outcome of his life. He also lacks the brains he would need to become leader, as shown to me after he takes on an entire patrol by himself.

Let's be honest. Thistleclaw's most famous act is probably letting Tigerstar attack Tiny. Once again, against the warrior code. A cat with such little respect for these laws wouldn't be welcomed warmly into StarClan, would he now? I may be wrong, but Thistleclaw has demonstrated many ways of how you can go against the warrior code. Even his apprentice attempts to fight at a Gathering, obviously prompted by Thistleclaw's eagerness to fight that was passed on to him.

I may be wrong, but at the end of the book Bluestar's Prophecy, Bluestar says something along the lines of, "I lost some lives because of Thistleclaw." So yes, he did attempt killing...

To lay it out for you... Thistleclaw chose his path. In my eyes, he deserved the Dark Forest. Like I said before, the words I would use to sum up this character are jealousy, ambition, conceited, and rude.

With my new knowlege of what was released by the Erins, I do think that was wrong of Bluestar, but I'm still sticking to my opinion about this character.

Thanks for listening, guys.

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