• I live in New Zealand / Aotearoa
  • I was born on January 22
  • I am genderless
  • .Trollsky

    Alright. This is probably my first non-idiotic blog ever. XD

    Moving on...Something that has bothered me since I finished reading Bluestar's Prophecy: Why weren't Bluestar's kits called something different when they were taken to RiverClan?

    I know Bluestar wanted the kit's names to do with the river. But you think when her kits were 'taken by a fox', that some cat in ThunderClan would realise at some Gathering that those RiverClan apprentices were her kits. Even if there were two rather than three, since Mosskit died. I mean c'mon, they'd have the same names, (just 'paws at that time rather than 'kit, I'd assume) and calling them, say, Waterkit and Rockkit would have made it less suspicious.

    Perhaps if she'd called her kits something different,…

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