• 23savannah

    Lots of theories and information below. Prepare for a long read.

    In my own headcanon, I like to believe the whole story of the novella about Mapleshade took place about 15 years before Bluestar is born. Reasons why I think that?

    Well, as we know from Crookedstar’s Promise, Reedshine is Shellheart’s grandmother and I can assume that Hailstar succeeded Darkstar as leader. Shellheart is, I am pretty sure, already a senior warrior by the time Crookedkit is born - and from what I understand, a senior warrior is on average at least 5 years old. One of Reedshine’s kits - a.k.a. Shellheart’s mother - probably lived to be an elder and died a few seasons before Crookedkit and Oakkit were born. Then according to my timeline, Shellheart might be older tha…

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