Lots of theories and information below. Prepare for a long read.

In my own headcanon, I like to believe the whole story of the novella about Mapleshade took place about 15 years before Bluestar is born. Reasons why I think that?

Well, as we know from Crookedstar’s Promise, Reedshine is Shellheart’s grandmother and I can assume that Hailstar succeeded Darkstar as leader. Shellheart is, I am pretty sure, already a senior warrior by the time Crookedkit is born - and from what I understand, a senior warrior is on average at least 5 years old. One of Reedshine’s kits - a.k.a. Shellheart’s mother - probably lived to be an elder and died a few seasons before Crookedkit and Oakkit were born. Then according to my timeline, Shellheart might be older than 5 or his mother didn’t have kits until she became a senior warrior herself (Speckletail did, so I assume she could’ve as well; consider Brightheart, well past 5 years old yet able to bear kits). Let’s assume Shellheart’s mother had him when she was 8 years old, which leaves 7 years still left before Crookedkit/Oakkit are born. When you look back at some of the ages for ThunderClan’s warriors *coughGraystripe and Sandstormcough* it is perfectly reasonable for Shellheart to be 7 years old at the time of his kit’s births.

Let’s now talk about Seedpelt. He was the deputy of ThunderClan around the time SkyClan was exiled. In MV, he is now a warrior and instead Oakstar became leader once Redstar died. We do not know how long Redstar stayed as leader after SkyClan’s exile - which, according to the Erin’s themselves happened 20 years prior - so assuming a few years afterwards, Seedpelt gives up his position as Clan deputy after serious injury or retiring from his position because he didn’t feel as though, in his age (granted, we don’t know his age at the time of the exile), he couldn't be a successful leader. Oakstar takes his place as deputy, being a much younger warrior, and succeeds Redstar. Oakstar could have been leader for many years - perhaps 7 years - which allows for Pinestar to succeed him. Pinestar is already an old cat and on his last life in the beginning of Bluestar’s Prophecy and it can be assumed he dies a few moons after he becomes a kittypet due to his old age, so Pinestar’s leadership could’ve lasted 8 or 9 years. 

As for Mapleshade, ThunderClan probably forgot about her within a generation. After the murders and atrocities she committed, the Clan cats would definitely not want any kits to know of her and her betrayal to ThunderClan. Same with SkyClan - cats from all Clans, probably within the next generation, dare not speak of SkyClan, wishing to forget what they did to a once proud Clan (plus their territory would be destroyed so it’s not like there would be any trace of them left).

We could have a short mention on leaders as well. In the allegiances for MV, there is no mention of ShadowClan’s nor WindClan’s leader - they might be Swiftstar and Dawnstar or they might not be. Again, we are unsure on how long the leaders whom exiled SkyClan lived to be. Clearly, Birchstar did not survive the five year time gap between the exile and MV, so Darkstar became the next leader. Being unsure of Darkstar’s age, maybe she stayed as leader for quite a few seasons - enough seasons for Hailstar to be her successor (as Spiketail is listed as the deputy but maybe he retired?). Hailstar might’ve been a young yet powerful cat at his appointment as leader, so he’d live as long as he did in Crookedstar’s Promise.

And last, about Ravenwing and the cats that succeed him as medicine cat. Confirmed by the Erin’s, Cloudberry is the cat whom becomes medicine cat after the sudden death of Ravenwing. For all we know, Cloudberry is most likely a younger cat within the Clan (around a year old or so?), as she/he is not listed in the allegiances (but it could’ve been that she/he were not important to the plot so she/he were exluded). A younger cat would have a much easier time learning herbs and would have less time honing the skills of a warrior. Being set 15 years prior to the beginning of Bluestar’s Prophecy, it is to note that Goosefeather is already an old cat when Bluekit/Snowkit are born and, being a medicine cat, he has the potential to outlive many of his Clanmates, so in that essence he might be around 7 or 8 years old at the time. Being that old, it can be safe to assume that Cloudberry was indeed his mentor.

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