To start off, there may be some spoilers for OOTS books in this blogpost.

Moving on, I wanted to discuss Cinderheart's choices.

First off, she decided to move to the medicine cat's den after finding out about her past life (Cinderpelt). She has been admired for being a great mentor and warrior, so was it best for her to move to the MC den? Although Jayfeather can not live forever, Leafpool is already in the Clan with medicine knowledge. The reason she was reincarnated was to be a warrior, so why does she go off and become a medicine cat? An extra hand is okay, but I really don't think it is necessary for her to become a MC, especially if her past life was able to have a second chance at being a warrior.

Secondly, she rejects Lionblaze. Not that I am not a CinderxLion fan, but apparently he is too "special" for her. Now I have to disagree. Lionblaze is part of a prophecy, but that should not be a reason to not be a mate with him. His gift should not prevent him from having a mate though. If she did truly love him, then she would be with him, not by herself.

Feel free to discuss in the comments, but please no yelling, hollering, or hateful comments. I am not opposed to having different opinions that you would like to discuss because I would like to hear what you think, so feel free to comment below. Thanks for reading!


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