I've seen a lot of Tigerstar hate and I don't think people really understand him. First of all, his dad left him at a really young age to become a kittypet. That probably made him feel unloved, if you were in his position I bet you'd feel unloved as well. His two sisters died soon after they were born. His mom is dead. His mentor practically made him evil. And I'm pretty sure these are all factors in why Tigerstar is so evil. To be fair I love Tigerstar. In my opinion he is and was the best villian Warriors ever had. So personally, I think we should blame it on Pinestar and Thistleclaw. And if he wasn't evil, Warriors wouldn't be even close to what it is today. Tigerstar is an important part of the Warriors series and always will be. If he wasn't evil, he probably would have been like Lionheart.

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