Intro Edit

Welcome! This is a blog dedicated to those things in Warrior Cats that just makes you think, "woah, this is messed up". Of course, before people start to rant and say, "Warriors is the best series, how dare you point out it's flaws!" Well, that's just it. Every book series has it's flaws! And this page is just for fun, Warriors is amaze-face, this is just for a little amusement. Now if you haven't fallen asleep already from this intro, let's get started!

Firestar Edit

  1. Firestar has lived 8 years on 9 lives, but Graystripe has lived 10 years on 1 life, and is still alive.
  2. He got killed by a tree, but survived Scourge. Enough said.
  3. The Warriors series mainly focuses on Firestar, yet he still gets a special edition.
  4. As a main character and good guy, he has barely any flaws.


1. There is a cat named Egg.

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