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    As an active history nerd, I have been doing much research into wars, which, as we know, our lovely cats are sent off to. They also fight, and with each battle, they risk losing their lives. I want to delve into why we should not be considering leaders such as Firestar or Pinestar "cowards" because they do not always jump headfirst into battle.

    If you think about it from a real life perspective, you would obviously be afraid of battle. Yes, putting yourself in a warrior's paws, you are a warrior and that is what you have trained for. However, that does not mean you are not afraid. Yes, it is against the warrior code to kill, but not everyone follows the warrior code. And who says you cannot bleed from your wounds after?

    War and fighting is a…

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  • Appledash

    Adopting The Wiki

    September 17, 2017 by Appledash

    Hey guys. Spooky made a good point on the PC talk page and after much discussion, Jayce and I have decided that it is time to do something about the inactive admins. Right now, our only option is to attempt to adopt the wiki in order for the both of us to gain bureaucrat rights. After several attempts of contacting Kitsufox, we have not been able to get a response from her. The only way I see it is that we should send a request to get them. Now, the both of us are admins, and we agree on this. Now we just need the community's agreement.

    Warriors Wiki, are you all right and do you approve of Jayce and I adopting the wiki / getting these rights in order to fix what we need to? If not, may you explain why?

    Thank you. Sorry that it is a short po…

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  • Appledash

    This is a simple, simple question that I'm just interested in everyone's opinions: Who do you think Sunningrocks belongs to? In my opinion, it seems logical that both Clans think they have equal claims to it and it's kinda needed to battle over it, because they do need the Clans' respect for "not backing down", I guess. RiverClan thinks they have it because it was theirs first, and ThunderClan thinks they should have it because it's on their territory, which is a really hard question to answer who deserves it. I think ThunderClan could maybe have the possible claim, because it is on their territory, but RiverClan does have easy access to it. All in all, I think both Clans have an fair claim to it and it's kinda hard for me to answer who des…

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