I just wanted to say (cuz I'm bord!) trhat I totally get why Bramble, Sandy, Icy, and Insane did that trick. I watched everyone get mad and stuff but I watched my homepage and everyone was asking to join new projects! Their thing worked, it got you interested into the rest of the wiki. For those of you who kind of flopped over and said, "I'm done. I live for the PCA, my user life here is over." I kind of think that's sad for you just to come here to do something that's not very large helping the wiki. I know that sounds harsh but it's just my opinion. I personally (not trying to be perfect) would have stayed and I partially agreed with Bramble. Everything she said was true. And I put lots of effort into my Project Charecters. I hope to be a senior warrior there one day. Maybe soon. Of course I checked on my PCA projects but I only worked on that when I had to. nd I thought the protests about this were funny to watch. The petition reminded me of an old class experiance *shudders remembering it* and the promise thing was rather sweet.

But anyone can sign a list. Anyone can wriote a petition or sign it. If this were real, by putting as much efforts as we did into our complaints, PCA might have been open now. So I'm asking you, would you have followed through? Or just attempted to look good? What was your opinion? Please be honest. I really want to see what you think about this.

--BramblepathBrightshadow is mine! 02:46, April 2, 2010 (UTC)

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