• Ashstorm

    Hello everybody! Today I'm telling you as the title says, 15 things I think will happen in AVOS, So let's start!

    1. I think SkyClan will appear, I know they will but I just decided to add this here...
    2. Jayfeather and Leafpool will die, at last Leaf will die, but all will weep for Jay
    3. There's going to be a half-clan couple, there always is
    4. A young she-cat will die coughcoughSorrelstripeAmbermooncoughcough
    5. Ashfur will mess with Spark or Alder in their dreams, cause why not?
    6. One of Lilyheart's kits will die
    7. There will be weirder names
    8. Lionblaze will die
    9. Ivypool will mate with Bumblestripe, or he will mate with Rosepetal
    10. New kits!
    11. Firestar appears, because he's annoying
    12. Sleekpaw, Juniperpaw, and Strikepaw will play a role
    13. Hollytuft will be evil
    14. Cinderheart dies
    15. T…
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  • Ashstorm

    GIMP help?

    September 8, 2015 by Ashstorm

    Hello everyone, so I just got a new program called 'GIMP' and it's a good program but there's just one thing, I can't get the color to change, whenever i try it will only stay black or change to white, it won't let me do any other color. 

    So i'd really like it if someone happen to know what to do and tell me, i'm really sorry this isn't a blog about warriors, but i don't know who to ask, and i can't make any images for the wiki without it, so could someone help?

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  • Ashstorm

    Star Flower

    September 3, 2015 by Ashstorm

    Hello everyone! I have a little something about Star Flower, as for you to know, this is a Star Flower rant. 

    Why, why would someone be this perfect, she had a shadowed past, she is pretty, she was gonna be mates with the main cat, then she betrays them, and runs off with her boyfriends father. First of all why would you chose the boyfriends father, i know, I know, they're cats but still, come on.

    Yeah One Eye's your dad, yeah he took care of you, but he's EVIL FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! was she too dumb to see it or...? i mean, you don't have to fallow in your fathers foot steps. Then, she lied to Thunder, THEN appears again after they tell her to get lost, and dumb Clear Sky let's her join after all the trouble she caused, SHE CAUSED DEATHS.

    Then i…

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