Hello everybody! Today I'm telling you as the title says, 15 things I think will happen in AVOS, So let's start!

  1. I think SkyClan will appear, I know they will but I just decided to add this here...
  2. Jayfeather and Leafpool will die, at last Leaf will die, but all will weep for Jay
  3. There's going to be a half-clan couple, there always is
  4. A young she-cat will die coughcoughSorrelstripeAmbermooncoughcough
  5. Ashfur will mess with Spark or Alder in their dreams, cause why not?
  6. One of Lilyheart's kits will die
  7. There will be weirder names
  8. Lionblaze will die
  9. Ivypool will mate with Bumblestripe, or he will mate with Rosepetal
  10. New kits!
  11. Firestar appears, because he's annoying
  12. Sleekpaw, Juniperpaw, and Strikepaw will play a role
  13. Hollytuft will be evil
  14. Cinderheart dies
  15. There will be a huge battle

That's what I think.