Hello everyone! I have a little something about Star Flower, as for you to know, this is a Star Flower rant. 

Why, why would someone be this perfect, she had a shadowed past, she is pretty, she was gonna be mates with the main cat, then she betrays them, and runs off with her boyfriends father. First of all why would you chose the boyfriends father, i know, I know, they're cats but still, come on.

Yeah One Eye's your dad, yeah he took care of you, but he's EVIL FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! was she too dumb to see it or...? i mean, you don't have to fallow in your fathers foot steps. Then, she lied to Thunder, THEN appears again after they tell her to get lost, and dumb Clear Sky let's her join after all the trouble she caused, SHE CAUSED DEATHS.

Then it's pretty much her own flaut that Slash kidnapped her, then she can't fight for herself, everyone has to save the princess, bla, bla, bla, and that's pretty much it.


Before anyone gets mad at me for this I wanted to say this is more of a joke rant she didn'y really cause deaths that we know of and she couldn't fight back because she was pregnant.

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