-These are my opinions when it comes to Graystripe x Silverstream versus Graystripe x Millie. First thought, let me just say some things about my opinion when it comes to Millie: In all honesty, I think she is a good character, and her actions throughout the books are for the most part, justified. The only thing I do not understand with Millie is her refusal at accepting a warrior name. You may argue with the idea that cats should respect her name and all that, but here's my arguement: In the Warrior Code, it states that a warrior must reject the life of a kittypet. Yes, she left behind her life of a kittypet to join the clans, but refusing to accept a new name just feels like she really isn't rejecting the life of a kittypet. She's leaving, but not rejecting. I could understand the lack of name change if she was never offered a change, but she was, and her refusal shows that she really is still holding on to her life as a kittypet. It goes beyond just not wanting to change her name.

-On to Millie vs Silverstream. Some of you may say that Millie is a perfect fit for Graystripe but in my opinion, I strongly prefer Graystripe and Silverstream. First of all, Graystipe's affection for Silverstream is what I would call 'real' love. After she died, he joined Riverclan temporarily to raise her kits. That love isn't just for his kits, it's for their mother as well. He could've chosen to raise them to warriors in Thunderclan but he wanted them to live where their mother had. That kind of loyalty to a mate even after their death is profound, in the best way. Secondly, you may think that the 'forbidden love' sort of thing that Graystripe and Silverstream had is very clique, (forbidden love in itself sort of is, as it continually reccurs in the books) but when you think about it, forbidden love really is a serious thing. The Warrior Code is the Clan's law. Their life. Every single cat in the clans lives by it. Breaking it would seem unrealistic to a cat who lived by it. To love another cat so much as to break away from their 'way of life' like Graystripe and Silverstream did is true love.

-As for Graystripe and Millie, there are many faults I see in their romance. The first, as you might've read in Bbun's blog about Millie, is that Millie's character's coloring is inconsistent. In the manga adventures, Millie is portrayed as a creamy pinkish-brown cat, but in the books, she is a silver tabby. This leads me to think that Graystripe's affection for Millie may have something more to do than just with Millie herself. (While on the topic of the manga books, when Graystripe is visited by Silverstream in his dreams, he exhibits affection for her that shows that how he feels about Millie really hasn't changed the fact that he still and always will love Silverstream. This just goes to show that Silverstream was still more important, so to speak, to Graystripe.) When reading the manga books, I at first thought that Millie and Graystripe were pretty cute together. Although as I learned more about her inconsistency in coloring, I began to like the coupling less. To me, especially after seeing how much he still loved Silverstream from his dream, it seems like part of the reason he may feel attracted to Millie is because he sees Silverstream in her. So it may not be Millie herself, but rather the attributes mimicking the ones he missed in Silverstream.

-The second fault I see in their romance is the reason Graystripe loves Millie. In the manga series, they don't really fall in love. They certainly have a strong affection for each other, but it doesn't feel a lot like the kind of affection mates should have. They are more best friends than they are mates. Also, I think part of the reason Graystripe felt affection for Millie is because he got to 'mentor her' in a way. He got to teach her how to be a warrior and it rekindled his love for clan life. However I don't think his affection for training Millie came from Millie herself. Think of it: he was taken away from his clans and forced to live as a kittypet against his will. When he found a cat who was interested in clan life, of course he wanted to spend time with her! Millie was someone who shared his interests, who he could be a clan cat with. However, in the books, sometimes the affection he portrays is honestly exactly the type of affection a mentor displays to their apprentice. Not the kind one would display to a mate. I feel like his affection for Millie was more of an affection for being able to engage in a clan-like life again, and also the affection towards an apprentice. Personally, I believe if it had been any other kittypet who showed the same interests, he would've displayed the same affection. I doubt Millie in herself has much to do with it.

-Thirdly, I feel like Graystripe's affection for Millie is sort of forced at times. As soon as they return to the clans, their 'love' sort of dies out in a way. It's pretty obvious he doesn't feel the same attraction as he did when she was the only 'clan' cat. Also, I feel like he was attracted to her partially for her companionship on the long journey. Adding to that, sometimes I think his affection for her is because she came to the clans with him. It seems a lot like he almost feels as though he owes her for traveling with him.

-Finally, I feel like Graystripe likes Millie because she likes him. That sort of thing. It is obvious that Millie really does love Graystripe beyond just wanting to know more about the clans, because she still feels the same even when they find the clans again. However, Graystripe seems to be less actually attracted to her when they return. I think sometimes Graystripe feels like 'she loves me and because I want her to be happy, I'm supposed to love her' Graystripe does care about her, but not in the same way she cares about him.

-So there are my thoughts on Millie versus Silverstream. Please let me know what you agree/disagree with in the comments. And like I said in the beginning of this entry, I really do like Millie as a character, she's a great cat and I understand her feelings. So please don't think that I dislike Millie. The purpose of this was not to hate on her in any way. It was just to state my opinions on why I believe Silverstream is a much better match for Graystripe. Thanks for reading this though! It takes real devotion to read through all of my deep thoughts! XD


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