-These are my thoughts on Thistleclaw and Tigerclaw. First of all, let me just say that I am not justifying their actions throughout the books, only providing another opinion on why they performed said actions.

-My main train of thought is from Bluestar's Prophecy. This is where Thistleclaw is introduced. There are a couple reasons Thistleclaw could've turned evil though. Also, as the book is voicing Bluestar's thoughts and actions, there are a couple of reasons Thistleclaw could have been portrayed so evilly.

-First of all, when Bluestar, Snowfur, and Thistleclaw are all apprentices, Thistleclaw really isn't that horrible of a cat. If you focus on what he's actually doing versus how Bluestar sees him doing these things, he's really just a phenomenal apprentice. As the book will show though, Bluepaw hates Thistlepaw for 'stealing Snowfur' from her. Which would make sense. Her sister is also her best friend, and when her sister would rather spend time with another cat, of course she was a little jealous. I don't blame her. This leads me to think, though, that perhaps Bluepaw's hatred for Thistlepaw may have actually been for his relationship with her sister, and not so much Thistlepaw himself.

-My second idea on Thistleclaw is that in the books, even when Thistleclaw is a kit, Bluestar finds him incredibly annoying. From her perspective, I can understand why. His love for causing trouble could become extremely obnoxious for a cat who lived in the same den as him. Although, if you keep reading, his troublesome nature definitely dies down when he becomes an apprentice, and more or less stops as a warrior. Sure he causes trouble, but in ways that make more sense. Also, when Thistleclaw is a kit, Bluestar finds his interest in learning new battle moves dangerous and odd. Sure, learning battle moves as a kit can be dangerous, but his love for it only makes sense. Thistleclaw in himself is an incredibly ambitious cat. As a kit who didn't know any better, all he wanted to be was the best warrior ever. I'm assuming he thought that if he learned all of the skills warriors knew earlier, he would one day be better than everyone at them. Now, when it comes to these being reasons for Bluestar's hatred, I think the annoyance she felt for him could've been translated to when they became apprentices. From then on, she mainly dislikes him for the first reason I wrote about.

-My third idea for Thistleclaw's evilness is because of Snowfur's death. In all true honesty, Thistleclaw really did love Snowfur. When she was killed, leaving him alone to raise a kit, I could see where his anger and sadness could translate to evil. Thistleclaw's personality is very violent in nature. I think when Snowfur died, he just happened to handle the grief in the way that seemed most natural to him: violence and anger. He also might've felt that since Snowfur wasn't around anymore, he had to live up to her expectations: be the best father out there for Whitekit, become deputy, be a perfect warrior, everything that she always saw him as. Mixing this wish in with his ambition made it so that his wish to be good enough for Snowfur turned into wanting to be the best. I think after long enough after Snowfur's death, his ambition had shifted from wanting to please Snowfur to simply wanting power.

-Moving on to Tigerclaw, there are a few reasons he could have turned out so evil. The first comes from when he was a kit. As a kit, he was the weakest to begin with, but then ended up survivng while his sisters died. There is one line where I believe Featherwhisker says something about him and how he used to be the weakest. Although it may seem far-fetched, hearing that another cat thought he was weak may have sparked his need to be powerful, even as a kit. Adding to that, Tigerkit must've known that it wasn't just Featherwhisker who thought he'd been weak. This may have kindled a wish to prove to his clan that he was not weak, but rather powerful and strong.

-My second and most likely thought on Tigerclaw is the fact that he was trained by Thistleclaw. This ties into Thistleclaw trying to be the best warrior there was. I think Thistleclaw trained Tigerclaw to be so evil and arrogant because that was how he thought warriors should be. Also, I think it compares to the way he treated his own kit as well. When Whitestorm was a kit, Thistleclaw was always teaching him way too complex battle moves, things kits shouldn't be learning. This then translated to the way he trained Tigerclaw. I think his need to teach both Tigerclaw and Whitestorm complex battle moves at a young age comes from the fact that as a kit and apprentice, he never got to learn the complex battle moves until late in his apprenticeship, when cats really should be taught those moves. Because of this, he passd on the same ambition and wish for power over to Tigerclaw.

-Those are my thoughts on why and how Thistleclaw and Tigerclaw are/are portrayed as so evil. I am in no way saying that what either cat did was right, but I believe there is a further story to their evilness that goes beyond what most people tend to think.


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