Dear Warriors Wiki,

Thank you.
As many of you know, I was initially titled as a vandal with a warning and everything from the administrator at that time, Bramble. My first thoughts in getting in trouble already were that, “wow, I don’t think I’ll ever come back,” yet a few months later I edited once more. And let me tell you that the first edit that was not reverted made me so proud. Now, not only did it make me proud, but it gave me confidence, and I honestly wanted to be on the other side of my initial encounter.
As I became a more frequent editor on the wiki, everything was, well, quite exciting for me. Joining Project:Characters and getting my first nomination to a vote and later to completing it made me extremely excited. Getting my first PCA charart finished after at least three months made me feel relief, as well as make me fear putting up another charart due the immense troubles I had. Even nominating Mistystar139 was tremendous because I felt like I was actually getting the duties of the wiki. Soon after, becoming a senior warrior in PC made me actually jump for joy. I was then after nominated as a warrior in Project:Charart when we had warrior nominations. Let me tell you, the hike up to even the rank of warrior seemed gargantuan to me even at that time without the kit rank so becoming a warrior was, to say the least, exciting. Four months into my membership of the wiki, there were rumors and suggestions of both me and Mistystar139 potentially being promoted to administrator. While in the end, Mistystar139 was promoted as I did only have four months’ experience; it made me believe there was a chance. Out of all the users on the wiki, I was one of the suggestions, now by a retired member, yes, who admitted that he wasn’t up to date on the activity of users. When requests for rollback rights were introduced, I was immediately taken up. In the final process of getting to where I am now user-rights’-wise, it became complicated. Eventually, becoming administrator was more than the rights but rather the users supporting me. I could not have gotten there without those users.
The friends I’ve made on the wiki have been amazing to me. I’ve gotten into bitter rivalries and have had my obnoxious moments (not limiting it to a moment though), but they’ve stuck through for me. And I am unbelievably grateful for that though I may not outright say it. I’ve lost a few, gained a few, but no matter what, they’re still memories that I won’t forget. Even if I have not been all that close to many members of this wiki, and no matter how hard I come down on any of them, or how badly I may act, there are inspirational moments everywhere. Sometimes, I honestly don’t take the time to look for them, but when I do find them, they make me want to be a better user. Every single user on this wiki has inspired me in some way.
On another note, however, there have been bad times. There are users who have made me doubt myself, there are moments when I want to give up, and there are times when life and the wiki are awful. Drama seems to be rampant, friends leave, and nothing is ever the same. But even those times are enjoyable when looking back on them.
Whether the true root may lie in school, my “real life” friends, work, or sports, I do believe that the wiki should be given credit. Through all of my time here, my maturity has increased exponentially. There are times when I revert back to my immature state, yet through the chaos that I inevitably cause, I realize the lack of control or restraint I have. Through all the discussions, a clear example of improvement is my writing. Looking back in the archives, how did I ever get by as a newbie? I’ve gained friends that I make me who I am.
Now whether who I am is really necessary to this wiki anymore, I don’t know. I’m not perfect, far from it, but who is? However, I realize my behavior as of late has not been appropriate. In fact, my attitudes in a multitude of instances have not been appropriate. Not only do I apologize to all the users current on this wiki, but all the users who I may not have made amends to in the past. While this does not excuse my behavior necessarily, I do want to reflect on how I’ve gotten here and who the past was, but to begin, I do find it necessary to make that attempt to forgive. And so forth, I apologize, to the past, present, and future.
Being a part of such a community as this has been such a blessing so thank you, for everything. This year has been such a roller coaster with all the outside activities I have taken upon my burden so it is unclear as of now what I would like to do and how I might go about it, but I would much appreciate some input. Thanks, guys. Atelda insert vague subtext here 07:14, November 9, 2013 (UTC)

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