I despised Bluestar right after Moonflower died and I believe that grief can fade into strength or weakness. In Bluestar's case, it was weakness that her grief defined. It grew out of boundary compared to others and she went too far with her misery and pitiful attitude....Let's go in depth about how Bluestar reacted to the following situations.

  1. Moonflower's Death; Bluepaw reacted very inappropriately to this case. She was allowed a small time lapse to grieve, but her sister had already working harder as an apprentice after 1-2 moons to honor her deceased mother. Meanwhile, Bluepaw sat around camp and moped around while her new mentor's training began to fade away, as well as Stonepelt's. As an apprentice, Ashfur of ThunderClan (for example) showed desire to work harder to avenge his mother, Brindleface, as did Ferncloud. So did Sorreltail, Rainwhisker and Sootfur (though they had been allowed to be excused longer due to their father's death shortly before their mother's). Was Bluepaw deserving of the prophecy she had received shortly after this? I don't think so. Snowfur was far better compared to her pitiful sister in this situation.
  2. Thistleclaw's Ambition; I'm well aware of the fact that Thistleclaw made his ambition as clear as the sky. However, Bluefur realized, as a young warrior, that he would do anything for power. She saw his training techniques as brutal and vicious, but did he break the Warrior Code? Never. He did come close by attacking Tiny, but he didn't kill the kit, did he? Thistleclaw may have misguided Tigerpaw (later Tigerstar) but I would actually prefer a strong, ambitious leader over a soft, weak leader anyday. Bluestar's fears of Thistleclaw's ambition went too far in clouding her mind.
  3. Snowfur's Death; Bluefur became no better of a warrior after Snowfur died, though she did struggle through it once. Did she learn the time lapse boundary of grieving for the death of a loved one from her previous mistake? It breaks my heart to say that she failed to do so. Snowfur's death was difficult as is for her, but she should have accepted the fact that she couldn't grieve forever. Death in Warrior Cats is rather common, it's understandable to mourn over a lost sibling, but is it wise to abandon Clan duties? I know for a fact that Jayfeather and Lionblaze were able to continue, even after Hollyleaf had "died". What made Bluefur so special to be excused from Clan duties? Nothing.
  4. Oakheart's Relationship; Snowfur's death clouded Bluefur's judgment about Oakheart, and Bluefur dug herself deeper into trouble as she began meeting him at Fourtrees. I wish that Goosefeather had confronted her about it before meeting him, as her uncle had mentioned that he saw her with Oakheart. Whether Goosefeather wanted Bluefur to stop herself for the warrior code or not is beyond me, but falling in love with a deputyship in front of her? What kind of Clan loyalty is that? She continues to dig herself deeper into trouble, yet StarClan allows her to take over ThunderClan? I'm stunned.
  5. Mistystar, Stonefur and Mosskit; I like Stonefur and Mistystar because of the valuable RiverClan warriors they became, but still no thanks to Bluestar. She gave up her kits to a blizzard, blind to the fact that Mosskit was weak enough as is. I think that was the stupidest decision that she had ever made. Mosskit's innocent life was dragged away like her pawsteps through the snow, growing weaker and weaker until she rested for the last time. I'm somewhat amazed that Bluestar was able to stop mourning for Mosskit, but she failed to get over her mother and sister? I don't know what to say about that. Those three kits were the creation of a broken warrior code and Bluestar was too selfish to realize that they were still endangered. The heritage of her kits was troublesome enough, causing Stonefur's life to drain away at Blackfoot's claws while Mistyfoot and the apprentices suffered. Bluestar's decision was in no way wise, but Oakheart isn't blameless either. He fathered the kits; it's partly his fault they had to suffer.

Anyways, I believe that Bluestar was the weakest ThunderClan leader (other than her successor, Firestar). This is my strong opinion on her and I'm entitled to it. What do you guys think?

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