Before I begin, I would like to say that Hollyleaf was a decent cat. She followed the warrior code carefully, which seems to never be regarded by the Clans anymore, as well as made decisions that were deemed good for the sake of her Clan...up until Sunrise, that is. Her loyalty to the laws her ancestors had created was never questionable. However, did Hollyleaf take the situation too far in Sunrise? That is a matter I will be discussing in this blog.

Hollyleaf's Faith

Hollyleaf's faith in the warrior code was undying. While all apprentices are supposed to follow the laws created by the early cats from the Clans, the warrior code gradually began to lose more meaning the moment Leafpool ran off with Crowfeather. Since then, I have not read a book following that where a cat does not break the warrior code. Upon building her life on this collection of laws more than any cat, I can't say I'm surprised that Hollyleaf lost it when she found out she was half-Clan.
If you disagree, think about this; wouldn't you be upset if you had followed a set of rules your whole life and you find out that your parents had broken them severely? Wouldn't seem like a good example, now would it? I can't blame Hollyleaf for getting upset when she realized that she was the result of a broken warrior code.

The Truth

It is rather unclear to me which situation drags Hollyleaf down more; the broken warrior code or the fact that she was lied to. Of course, they both tie into each other; the warrior code was broken so therefore she was lied to.
Out of the three cats, I firmly believe that Hollyleaf was the most horrified when Squirrelflight revealed the truth. Can you imagine what it would be like to be in her position? What would you do, if one night, the person your mother once loved tried to kill you because they were angry at your mother? And on top of that, what would you do if the truth was suddenly revealed? What would it be like suddenly having parents, and the next, they aren't really your parents? Try to bear this in mind as you continue reading.
The situation only gets worse when Hollyleaf is told that a medicine cat is her mother. She is the creation of a broken set of laws, which she had followed her whole life. However, did Hollyleaf react appropriately to the situation?


There was never truly a right answer or solution for what Hollyleaf could do. I can tell you that she couldn't live the rest of her life around the cats that didn't know who she really was. She killed Ashfur, when she could have spoken to Firestar about it, or she could have let him live. When Hollyleaf revealed the truth at the Gathering, I think Ashfur's death was in vain. I agree, he was indeed ready to kill the three cats in that fire, but did he? No.
Revealing the truth at the Gathering, I did not see a true benefit for any cat. Brambleclaw did the right thing in dumping Squirrelflight, but I can't imagine how difficult it would be to find out you aren't a father when you were told you were. Nightcloud and Breezepelt gained more hatred than ever for the ThunderClan cats, which there was enough as is. Of course, Leafpool stepped down from her position, which I think that if Firestar wasn't the leader or her father, she would have been exiled. The truth only helped benefit Hollyleaf, who at the time, was not considering the outcomes for the sake of her Clan.
Running away wasn't a good idea, either. Though it was painful for Hollyleaf to deal with the fact that her life was pretty much a lie, she shouldn't have abandoned her Clan. Within the years she had been gone, she may have trained, but in the end, she only returned to her death in the Dark Forest battle. However, she returned for her Clan, knowing what was right, and gave up her final breath dying for the cats that she had left for so long.


Hollyleaf was a loyal warrior to the end, though she suffered through parts of her life. I think she would have made a wonderful leader, if she had not run away. In truth, Hollyleaf learned from her mistakes and did her best to make up for them until the day she died.