Mapleshade was exiled from ThunderClan for taking a RiverClan mate, which creates the first of quite a few problems. For one, current/past ThunderClan cats who took a RiverClan mate were never exiled, such as Graystripe and Bluestar. In addition to that, the question is brought up; Why did Mapleshade go to the Dark Forest? If Mapleshade was sent to the Dark Forest for taking a RiverClan mate, shouldn't Bluestar go there as well? Mapleshade did nothing to go there unless something happened behind the scenes. All she did was try to take her kits to RiverClan, and Shellheart's grandfather blamed her when they drowned. She lived as a loner, from then on. What part of that made her a rejection of StarClan? Note that she plotted revenge AFTER she went to the Dark Forest, in which I can understand clearly. It's similar to firing a person from their job for doing one thing wrong (if that), but keeping the other for doing the same exact thing.


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