I think I've made my heavy dislike of Spottedleaf rather unclear as well as the reasons I despise this "flawless" character and her intentions. Prior to beginning, I would like to say that I believe that Spottedleaf was a character I approved of, in Into the Wild. However, the moment she made her place in StarClan known to Fireheart in Fire and Ice, my respect for her dropped quite a bit and has been lowering rapidly as the series dragged on. On that note, let's discuss.

It was quite obvious that Spottedleaf had taken a liking to Fireheart early in the series, and it was confirmed that he felt the same way when he received his nine lives in The Darkest Hour. I pity Sandstorm, who has had to question the loyalty of her own mate, thanks to Spottedleaf. Firestar is blinded by Spottedleaf's seemingly perfect personality and beauty, which bothers me to no end. After walking by his side and willing to die for him many times over, Sandstorm is never credited for her undying support when really, Firestar doesn't deserve it. Spottedleaf, on the other hand, appears to become jealous of Sandstorm in SkyClan's Destiny when she tells Leafstar that Sandstorm was now a mother to Sandstorm's kits. So, in this situation, Spottedleaf is definitely dismayed when she has no right to be. She is a medicine cat, who should be watching over the whole of ThunderClan, should she watch over any cat at all, rather than her crush and his kin.

Her Connection with ThunderClan
I'm not saying that Spottedleaf shouldn't watch over the Clan she watched over. I'm saying that her appearances, quite frankly, are unnecessary. Yes, I approve of her appearance in The Last Hope, where she is struck down by Mapleshade to actually overcome her jealously of Firestar's mate by saving her. The rest of the times she enters the scenes are useless and annoying.

Spottedleaf has always struck me as a cat that has no flaws, or that's she's willing to admit, for that matter. She is too perfect; like Silverstream and Feathertail. Spottedleaf's deaths only made her character all the more dramatic, which I heavily disapprove of. While the story should be focused, when in a StarClan scene, Spottedleaf is always the one poking her nose around events that should be unknown to her. Firestar could have gone without the numerous omens/prophecies that Spottedleaf gave him before his leadership. Her visits to Firestar were simply friendly visits that didn't benefit ThunderClan at all.

I'm truly glad that Spottedleaf was killed off. I can't imagine how much drama would be started in StarClan when Firestar joined, had she survived the battle. I doubt that she would guide Bramblestar as well as Bluestar or other ThunderClan cats would. Her primary concern in the series had nothing to do with ThunderClan, but the tom that she loved, even in death. Her death may have had a major impact on Firestar, but as for the rest of ThunderClan, it's not truly a big loss.