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  • I live in Snowy Hell
  • I was born on September 19
  • My occupation is roleplaying, being pathetic and useless, drawing, writing
  • I am trash
  • Bbun
    As we all know, Millie is the current mate of Graystripe, the one who accompanied him on the way to the Clans' new home, and the mother of three major characters: Blossomfall, a Dark Forest trainee, Briarlight, who is crippled after a tree falls during a storm, and Bumblestripe, who is attracted to Dovewing. Now, like most characters, there are haters of her out there. Not that I am a fan of her at all, but the reasons, though, are pretty ridiculous. Now, go, my defense!
    - Inconsistent character design. In the manga/graphic novels, she appears in the form of a pale pink-cream tabby with zig-zag stripes. However, she appears as a silver tabby in the main series. Inconsistent? Yes, but Vicky herself has stated that Millie was always supposed …
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