As we all know, Millie is the current mate of Graystripe, the one who accompanied him on the way to the Clans' new home, and the mother of three major characters: Blossomfall, a Dark Forest trainee, Briarlight, who is crippled after a tree falls during a storm, and Bumblestripe, who is attracted to Dovewing. Now, like most characters, there are haters of her out there. Not that I am a fan of her at all, but the reasons, though, are pretty ridiculous. Now, go, my defense!
- Inconsistent character design. In the manga/graphic novels, she appears in the form of a pale pink-cream tabby with zig-zag stripes. However, she appears as a silver tabby in the main series. Inconsistent? Yes, but Vicky herself has stated that Millie was always supposed to be a silver tabby. Also,several other characters have been depicted incorrectly in the manga - sometimes twice! - and still earn the love and approval of their fans.  Don't despise the character on that, blame the artist (then again, not everything is going to be exact, no?)
- jerk, ignored her other two kits when one got seriously injured, treated Blossomfall badly: First of all, imagine the situation: one of your children has been severely crippled (you can think of the situation), while your other two are still healthy and fit. Would you pay more attention to the two healthy children, or the crippled child. I'm certain it would be the crippled child, no? Also, Blossomfall herself is an attention-seeking brat, bitter and self-absorbed, jealous because her mother is paying attention to her dying sibling. When Millie snapped at her, it was completely called for as well as understandable; one of her very own kits is slowly dying because of the problems that come with her injures, while another nearly gets lost in the tunnels - she had every right to be upset! Oh, and Bumblestripe is not an idiot like his sister, and I'm certain he understands the situation involving Briarlight and his mother.
- originally a kittypet: Um, several of the most popular characters were once kittypets themselves. This includes a majority of SkyClan, including the daylight-warriors. Don't hate on a character just because of their ranking in the past. It's ridiculous.
- "stole" Graystipe away from his former mate, Silverstream, who is deceased: This is a laughable reason to hate this she-cat for. Really? Steal? Silverstream was okay with this! She didn't mind Graystripe with Millie at all. Also, Millie and Graystripe have spent more time with each other than how Graystripe and Silverstream spent theirs. In my opinion, Millie and Graystripe are a better pairing than Silverstream and Graystripe.
So, what are your thoughts on Millie? Do you think she is a a rude, obnoxious character whom is a terrible mother, and should have died? Or a love interest better than the popular Silverstream, and a mother who actually cares for each and every one of her kits? Leave your thoughts and comments below. Feel free to include examples why your hold said opinion of her below.

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