Do not read unless you've already read book 6 of the Omen of the Stars series, if the template directly above didn't warn you.

Sorry about the Doctor Who reference in the title. Anyways, here are my complaints about The Last Hope. Don't get me wrong, I liked it, but here were the things I didn't like. If you feel like seeing a mad man rant, read on. If you want some really serious discussion, do so anyway, but don't take me seriously.

First of all, the final battle. It just dragged on

And on

And on

And on. It took up something like the last 22% of the book if you exclude the Adventure Game bit. This could've been a bit shorter. Not as anticlimactic as the ending of the New Prophecy series (which I actually found really anticlimactic for the buildup they had to it), but still, that was ridiculous!

Firestar. No. 4. Not really a complaint. Actually an obvious one, if you thought back to all the prophecies, but everyone's been expecting the fourth cat to be a random obscure one. So what better way to introduce plot twists than to make it the most obvious, generic cat?

When Firestar talked to the other leaders, they automatically believed him? We already know tensions are high. Sure, StarClan came together a bit and Jayfeather's name was cleared. Sure, the medicine cats had been warned about impending disaster. But really?

Bramblestar. Too obvious. And doesn't making him leader almost feel like Tigerstar winning when you think back to the New Prophecy series? Sure, Bramblestar's better now. Still.

On a happier note, when Jayfeather came up with the idea of Mothwing being the fourth cat, I laughed so hard I had to put the book down. Mothwing? Wow.

And now, for the other theory I postulated for what would happen while reading. Something I thought of was, well, Ivypool would continue to be "loyal" to the Dark Forest during the final battle for whatever reason, trying not to kill any cats, and the Dark Forest would win by a landslide. There would be a fifth series about Ivypool trying to get the Clans back together and defeat the Dark Forest.

I probably missed something, as I finished the book sometime around Midnight (no, not the badger, the time!), but when did Firestar lose his second to last life? Right before the final battle, Sandstorm warned him not to fight because he was on his last life, and I was confused. If I remember correctly, he starts the book with two. So he got killed midway through?

Oh, one more complaint. Why wasn't Sol there? He was so important in, well, training Lionblaze and Jayfeather a bit, interpreting and predicting the eclipse, and so on, that I expected him to be in this book! Or maybe he's too busy trying to destroy SkyClan in another book.

EDIT: I love the Tunnels series, in part of the lack of obvious plot bits. For anyone who's read the series and can't possibly get any spoilers, see the following blog post:! (Note that a ! is missing from the end of the URL from that page cos of the way Wikia parses URLs.)