Oh wow! I actually bought Bramblestar's Storm a few days ago! It is soo interesting!! But by now I have already read about half of the book (D: I only have half left to read D:). 

                                                                    ~SPOILERS ALERT~

I really wish Sorreltail didn't die. She was so beautiful (I think tortoiseshell cats are so pretty) and so was her personality. Poor Brackenfur. 

You know what? I actually think that Mapleshade should have killed Sandstorm (I am talking about The Last Hope, of course). I never really liked Sandstorm. I don't dislike her, I just think that Spottedleaf and Firestar would make a way better couple. Also, if Mapleshade would have killed Sanstorm like she wanted to, then when Firetsar goes to StarClan, he will live with both of his mates, forever! Erin Hunter, why did you all have to kill Spottedleaf? It was all for nothing. She was so beautiful and kind. D:<

So anyways, back to Bramblestar's Storm. So you know all those rumors (they are rumors, right?) that Bramblestar's Storm is going to be about a tornado? Well, I think it is true, because where I am right now in the book, the lake has already flooded so much that all four Clans have had to leave their camps! I think a tornado might come at any... chapter.

Also, in the last Gathering in the book, Blackstar was very frail and on his last life, and when ShadowClan had to leave their camp a few chapters later, I don't know exactly how, but Blackstar died. Rowanclaw is now on his way to the Moonpool to recieve his nine lives. 

So yeah, like I said, BS is very interesting! I think it will be useful to my fanfiction, because a lot of apprentices in different Clans in BS have different names that I didn't think Erin Hunter would use. For example, Havenpaw and Hootpaw. Now I can use a few more names for my fanfic later on (you know, because I can't use a bunch of words for names, because I don't know if cats even know what those words mean. For example, I would really like to use the word apricot to make a nice warrior name, but maybe apricots don't grow where the Clans live).

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