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    Okay....I know Lostflight already covered this a little bit, but I have a feeling that that blog post may be deleted pretty soon.

    Is Squirrelflight a Good Foster Mother?

    I don't think so. All she wanted to do was become a warrior again. I can expect that, considering they weren't her kits and she didn't have milk to give them anyway. Plus imagine if you were a queen. That would be so horrible, being basically confined to the nursery. But here is MY reasoning.

    1. The secret. 

    But you'd think she'd give her nephews and neice a little bit more heed. They where supposed to be her kits. They weren't, as we all know, but Leafpool wanted it to remain a secret. Squirrelflight should have been more caring and given them more attention if it would pass …

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    I've been wondering....are Gatherings the best? 

    The rule in the Warrior Code states Gatherings are supposed to bring peace, but this rule has been broken so many times it makes me sick. Clans argue, attack, and sometimes shed blood during Gatherings. Doesn't this annoy you too? I understand most cats who do this later join the Dark Forest or at flat-out-evil (Hawkfrost, Brokenstar, Tigerstar, and a lot of others....), but there are dozens of good exeptions.

    • Raggedstar
    • Bluestar
    • Crookedstar
    • Berrynose (Not evil, just annoying....)
    • All the Clans at once during a battle at a Gathering stated in the Codes of the Clans.
    • Plus a few others.

    So why enforce the rule? Their cats, they fight and they have the natrual instinct to show off. Lean muscles and sh…

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    I know dozens of cats believe Mudclaw , WindClan's former deputy is evil, but really he wasn't. Look below for some explainations:

    1. Why did Mudclaw go crazy? Tallstar denied him leadership. Not only did Tallstar break the Warrior Code in making Onewhisker leader, why did he do it? Aside from the extra plot, there was no reason for this. Did Tallstar merely believed Mudclaw was evil? He wasn't. In Ravenclaw's Manga Adventure, Mudclaw spots them tresspassing, and with a kit missing, still allows them to go with a friendly mew. He was brave, loyal, strong, and I believe a much stronger leader then Onewhisker. 
    2. So he wasn't friendly with ThunderClan? Why did he have any reason? Being "friendly" with other Clans, as stated in Warrior Code Rule One…
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