I've been wondering....are Gatherings the best? 

The rule in the Warrior Code states Gatherings are supposed to bring peace, but this rule has been broken so many times it makes me sick. Clans argue, attack, and sometimes shed blood during Gatherings. Doesn't this annoy you too? I understand most cats who do this later join the Dark Forest or at flat-out-evil (Hawkfrost, Brokenstar, Tigerstar, and a lot of others....), but there are dozens of good exeptions.

  • Raggedstar
  • Bluestar
  • Crookedstar
  • Berrynose (Not evil, just annoying....)
  • All the Clans at once during a battle at a Gathering stated in the Codes of the Clans.
  • Plus a few others.

So why enforce the rule? Their cats, they fight and they have the natrual instinct to show off. Lean muscles and sharp claws make sense to flash, right? To make themselves seem fiercer? I actually like the idea of Gatherings, because this is like a causual sharing of news. It makes the stress much less, and "daylight Gatherings" where also a big hit, inspired by Squirrelflight.

But at the same They reveal things to other Clans! In one book (can't remember sorry) it was stated a ShadowClan leader gave so much away their camp was attacked and food route they mentioned blocked. If I ran Gatherings they would be a lot less tense and revealing.

And during this "sharing of news" accusations are passed around and starts battles. Plus I want StarClan to show messages when their upset. When Leafpool shared tongues with them once, Spottedleaf admitted they didn't always have control over clouds and that the last clouds over the moon where pure accident. 

They was no fighting, only arguing, so this basically said "Clouds covering the moon - better not go to the Gathering" logic isn't true one bit.

And then there's the rest of the Warrior Code. I believe the Code is a good set of rules, such as "Always protect a kit in danger, even if that kit is from another Clan" but it's not like it's a big deal if any of these Codes are disobeyed. I wouldn't go banish or exlie a cat, but cleaning the elders' den?

I'm sure you need everyone to fight or hunt, but cleaning the elders' den isn't too bad. Even Berrypaw boasted about his "simple" punishment, and isn't that...a litte...(just a little) too...easy? Think about it, Berrypaw's broken the Warrior Code dozens of times. (Not to rant about one cat, he's an example.)

Each time? Clean the elders'! They're old and probably don't make big messes anyway! And, while your fetching moss to push on their ticks, hunt ALL DAY and then practice battle moves with the leader. She'll assign one of the queens, who honestly have kits to look after, to do it for you. It's not like you respect your elders'. They're old cats. What do you care, even after breaking the Warrior Code that binds us together?

And Russetfur with her patrol just watched little Berrykit (wasn't he feirce and cute as a kitten?) struggle in that fox trap. She didn't even get punished, and after being growled at by ThunderClan patrols, simply trotted away like it wasn't a big deal Berrykit nearly died. 

I think the Warrior Code, as great as it is, needs to be enforced more. 

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