I know dozens of cats believe Mudclaw , WindClan's former deputy is evil, but really he wasn't. Look below for some explainations:

  1. Why did Mudclaw go crazy? Tallstar denied him leadership. Not only did Tallstar break the Warrior Code in making Onewhisker leader, why did he do it? Aside from the extra plot, there was no reason for this. Did Tallstar merely believed Mudclaw was evil? He wasn't. In Ravenclaw's Manga Adventure, Mudclaw spots them tresspassing, and with a kit missing, still allows them to go with a friendly mew. He was brave, loyal, strong, and I believe a much stronger leader then Onewhisker. 
  2. So he wasn't friendly with ThunderClan? Why did he have any reason? Being "friendly" with other Clans, as stated in Warrior Code Rule One, may lead to outside-friendships and other problems. What if Onewhisker, as leader, didn't want to fight his old 'pal Firestar? It just seemed stupid. Clans put each other at arm's lenght and even if they save each other, share a few happy words at Gatherings and get over it.
  3. He was DEPUTY. Just plain mah. If StarClan had a problem with him, why didn't they prove it? And "killing" Mudclaw with a tree? But Hawkfrost himself was EVIL, so why trust his word he was struck by a tree? The explanation of Mudclaw's death wasn't deep and I believe Hawkfrost may have murdered him.
  4. Mudclaw wasn't hostile. He didn't prove it with other cats, and I wonder what led Tallstar to believe that. He wasn't even noted to be in the Dark Forest , though if Bluestar had her way I'd bet he'd be there.
  5. And's not like it's any big secret. Tallstar told Firestar himself that Mudclaw was untrustworthy and would go kill someone or try to drive out a Clan. I know I might have already said this, BUT WHY????? Tallstar was so certain Mudclaw was an evil cat, and wouldn't this lack of trust drive anyone insane?

So? What's your take on the entire thing? Leave your answers in the comments and nothing offensive, please. :)

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