Okay....I know Lostflight already covered this a little bit, but I have a feeling that that blog post may be deleted pretty soon.

Is Squirrelflight a Good Foster Mother?

I don't think so. All she wanted to do was become a warrior again. I can expect that, considering they weren't her kits and she didn't have milk to give them anyway. Plus imagine if you were a queen. That would be so horrible, being basically confined to the nursery. But here is MY reasoning.

1. The secret. 

But you'd think she'd give her nephews and neice a little bit more heed. They where supposed to be her kits. They weren't, as we all know, but Leafpool wanted it to remain a secret. Squirrelflight should have been more caring and given them more attention if it would pass off. She shouldn't have been like "Ferncloud! Daisy! You're useless! Please go take care of my kits!" Even Bramblestar played with them, while as deputy his time was split. I believe someone even question Squirrelflight about it, too, if I'm not mistaken...

2. It's her sister.

Leafpool gave her heart and her secret to her sister. She asked Squirrelflight a deep favor to put her mind and heart loyally into. And Squirrelflight blew it off. Now, I think Squirrelflight's a good character. She's kind and a rascle. She's a good mother - or is she? We've already seen how little she pays attention to her kin and her hopeless sister. The favor seemed to pass right through one triangular ear and out the other, and she just needed to say "yes."

3. The things they did!

All kits seek adventure! But the chances are they're stopped by their caring mothers or kin. Remember the little rascle Cloudtail, who snuck off during a blizzard to catch a bird? Well, he didn't have a mother. Firestar was deputy and caring for a mentally-ill Bluestar. Exactly why did he nearly die? Because no one had free time to care for him.

And then Berrykit...fatherless, mother playing a full-time role with the caring of new-borns...he slipped right under her uncaring nose to get stuck in that foxtrap. 

Squirrelflight simply just looked away while Jaykit, Lionkit, and Hollykit tracked down that fox. She didn't even get anxious when she realized Lionpaw was tired everyday. When the warriors realized Lionpaw was slipping away for what he called a "walk" or to "hunt" at midnight, Squirrelflight didn't suspect a thing. Lionpaw's sister first tracked him down, not his so called "mother."

4. Leafpool

Can you imagine the misery Leafpool went through when Jaykit nearly got paralyized when he ran off the rock wall? When all three tried to "hunt" fox cubs when they where kittens? When Hollyleaf was "killed" from the rocks,  when Lionpaw was confronted with meeting Heatherpaw secretly? What about when Jaykit nearly drowned? He's drowned at least 7 times now. When Hollyleaf really died in the battle? And she couldn't interfer! 

As Medicine cat, she made Jaykit better and healed Hollyleaf when she appeared after the rocks tumbled on her (though honestly she had no wounds) and yet...she couldn't fix her kit's emotional problems! She couldn't confide in them, either, or chase them down when they went missing. (Because if she was medicine cat and did that it would be silly. If she was a mother, it'd be understandable!)

But honestly? Squirrelflight isn't bad. She's just a horrible foster mother. I've been wondering recently if she'd love her own kits more, and I want to hear your opinions on Squirrelflight's treatment to her kits. Please don't be offensive, though, and I know there are a lot of SquirrelxBramble/Squirrel-lovers/Squirrel-haters in the world.

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