Hello guys! Blizzy here! Today I'm talking about my favorite Warriors! Keep in mind that this is MY opinion and mine only. If you don't like it, deal with it. I won't allow flaming. You have your opinions and I have mine. This is going from favorite to the bottom. I dont hate someone because they're lower. Got that? Okay then. Let's begin!

  1. Blackstar- Those who know me from the chat know I have an intense live for this guy. He's amazing. He has such a unique personality and character. I can't really say much else without spoiling you guys, so yeah.
  2. Tawnypelt- Need I explain? Tawnypelt is a very strong female character. She is like my role model.  She's brave and loyal, and I just love how she seeks acceptance from ShadowClan, proving herself multiple times
  3. Stonefur- Can one get any more noble than him? He's Stonefur. He saved 2 apprentices at the cost of his life. It's kind of sad how underrated he is. When someone says their favorite RiverClan cat, it's usually Feathertail or Silverstream. I personally hate both of them. 
  4. Whitestorm- Need I elaborate? He's Whitestorm, nuff said
  5. Longtail- Longtail is incredibly loyal. He held a stong friendship with Tigerstar and Darkstripe but no matter how many timws they would ask him to join, he didn't. THAT is loyalty.
  6. Sol- He's an AMAZING villain, nd one of my all time favorites, not just Warriors.
  7. Mothwing- She's incredibly loyal and tries to serve her Clan despite what anyone else says about her beliefs.
  8. Littlecloud- Littlecloud is amazing. He's a loyal medicine cat who sticks to the code. I love how he's never had a relation with any cat, and actually sticks to the code. Take notes, Leafpool. Are you listening, Spottedleaf?
  9. Tallstar- Need I explain? He's incredibly loyal, and willing to avenge his father despite how rude he was to Tallpaw. I maaaay ship him with Shrewclaw....
  10. Squirrelflight- She's an amazing mother, foster mother, and deputy. I love her relationship with Leafpool and how far she's willing to go to defend her. She would walk to the end of the world and back without stoppin for Leafpool. 

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