• Blossomleaf


    So, I was reading Skyclan's destine  again as I've always loved Leafstar. But then, I realize now that my opinion about her has changed since the last time I read it. I mean, I don't like her that much anymore, because she has no authority and she lets Sharpclaw do what he wants. You don't believe me? Here are somple exemples. 

           1) When Sharpclaw is harsh with the daylight warriors, she says nothing ( or just scolds him in private)

           2) When Billystorm tells her about Sharpclaw's betrayal, she doesn't believe him. 

           3) When Sharpclaw wants to attack the Twoleg during the DW's abcense, she agrees even if she had promised them to wait for them.

           4) Once, when Sharplaw is going training with Egg, he is rude to her and s…

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  • Blossomleaf

    Okay, so everybody read Leafpool's wish. Yellowfang tells a reluctant Squirrelflight that she will never have kits....Imagine how shocked and sad she must have felt ! 

    And in Bramblestar's storm's bonus manga, Squirrelflight is said to be heavily pregnant ( I heard that, because I haven't received my copy yet).

    So what do you think about Yellowfang's lie? I know she has always strange ways to solve the problems, and she can be harsh and sharp-tongued. But I think she's gone too far, ruining another cat's life and dreams. I hope we'll be able to read an arguement between the two bad-tempered queens...

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  • Blossomleaf

    Okay so Sunpath published Bramblestar's storm allegiances. But where are the sources ? There are no new kits and a Clan without kits or queens ( only Daisy, as usual ) can't live !

    Moreover, someone says Cherrypaw 's warrior name is Cherryfall and Molepaw 's is Molewhisker. 

    1) The link to Vicky' s facebook page just show that they WILL become warriors with amazing names, but their names aren't said !

    2) Molewhisker is a name which already belongs to another cat

    So if someone could explain this...Thank you. 

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  • Blossomleaf

    I know there have already been a lot of blog post about what will happen during Bramblestar's storm. But I've got a question: according to you, which character will die or, I don't know, become a medicine cat apprentice ( though I'm not sure Jayfeather will ever get patient enough to have his own apprentice).


    Briarlight - well, it's obvious she can't get on like this very long. But she 'll have to get a heroic death ( and not die from a cough or some stupid illness. That would be really mean to her). For example, she can be playing with Bumblestripe's and Dovewing's kits, her newphews and nieces when a fox attack them and kill the injured she-cat while she is protecting the kits.

    Leafpool - I don't exactly know why but, maybe if she d…

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  • Blossomleaf

    I am the only person to think Dovewing is terribly annoying?

    First she never listened to Lionblaze as an apprentice. She though she was better than the others, and let her clan down when she went to Windclan just to contradict what her mentor told her. She even manipulated her own littermate to make her join her in her folish quest. Later she again betrayed her clan by hiding Tigerheart's invasion in Thunderclan territory. Thanks to her, both Shadowclan and Windclan were hostile at Thunderclan during one of Fading Echoes' gathering.

    Then she let her clan believe that Ivypaw was a stupid apprentice daring to trespass on Shadowclan's hunting grounds where actualy it was her.

    After that, she was just an annoying she-cat toward poor Bumblestripe. …

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