I know there have already been a lot of blog post about what will happen during Bramblestar's storm. But I've got a question: according to you, which character will die or, I don't know, become a medicine cat apprentice ( though I'm not sure Jayfeather will ever get patient enough to have his own apprentice).


Briarlight - well, it's obvious she can't get on like this very long. But she 'll have to get a heroic death ( and not die from a cough or some stupid illness. That would be really mean to her). For example, she can be playing with Bumblestripe's and Dovewing's kits, her newphews and nieces when a fox attack them and kill the injured she-cat while she is protecting the kits.

Leafpool - I don't exactly know why but, maybe if she dies Squirrelflight will be so sad she'll retire to the elders den and will leave her deputyship to Lionblaze or Cinderheart ( don't lie we all expected Lion to become deputy and Vicky stated that she liked the idea of Cinderheart becoming leader). Moreover Jay will have to become mentor.

Blackstar - he is the oldest leader and, honestly, he did so many errors...So Rowanstar may take his place and name Tigerheart deputy.

Littlecloud - poor old Littlecloud, he deserves to rest in Starclan ! That's all I have to say ...

Breezepelt - I often felt sorry for him even though he did pretty horrible things. But after all, if Blackstar deserves to go to Starclan ( whereas he killed Stonefur and intended to kill Mistyfoot, Featherpaw and Stormpaw) so does Breezepelt if he is given an opportunity to make peace with his father and half-brothers and say he is really sorry. I know that' s not likely but ...

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