I am the only person to think Dovewing is terribly annoying?

First she never listened to Lionblaze as an apprentice. She though she was better than the others, and let her clan down when she went to Windclan just to contradict what her mentor told her. She even manipulated her own littermate to make her join her in her folish quest. Later she again betrayed her clan by hiding Tigerheart's invasion in Thunderclan territory. Thanks to her, both Shadowclan and Windclan were hostile at Thunderclan during one of Fading Echoes' gathering.

Then she let her clan believe that Ivypaw was a stupid apprentice daring to trespass on Shadowclan's hunting grounds where actualy it was her.

After that, she was just an annoying she-cat toward poor Bumblestripe.

What do you think ? 

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