So, I was reading Skyclan's destine  again as I've always loved Leafstar. But then, I realize now that my opinion about her has changed since the last time I read it. I mean, I don't like her that much anymore, because she has no authority and she lets Sharpclaw do what he wants. You don't believe me? Here are somple exemples. 

       1) When Sharpclaw is harsh with the daylight warriors, she says nothing ( or just scolds him in private)

       2) When Billystorm tells her about Sharpclaw's betrayal, she doesn't believe him. 

       3) When Sharpclaw wants to attack the Twoleg during the DW's abcense, she agrees even if she had promised them to wait for them.

       4) Once, when Sharplaw is going training with Egg, he is rude to her and she doesn't tell him off.

       5) After finding out that Billystorm was right, what does Leafstar do? She accepts her warriors', and most of all her deputy's betrayal without saying anything

And because she has no authority over her deputy, or over her clan, she blames the weakers. I know Harveymoon and Macgyver acted like mouse-brains but does being a bit silly deserve a banishment? She banished them only to get Sharpclaw's approval whereas he is deputy and she is leader!

Well, to conclude, she just exasperates me. 

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