Hi! My favorite disney is the Lion King which I watched 25 times at least! 

And I 've noticed that warriors cats look a lot like the lion king!

1) Simba and Firestar, Sandstorm and Nala

Simba and Firestar are both natural born-leader, curious, bold although they doubt their capacities. They love doing forbidden things when they are young, but become wise and experienced once adult. They have a fatal ennemy who wants to lead in their place.

Sandstorm and Nala are sharp-tongued she-cats/lioness, really good hunters and great fighters. They do what they believe is right and their courage match their mates, the leaders. They are wise and would defend their daughters against anything else. They see past the appearances of the others, a quality Simba and Firestar don't always have.

2) Scar and Tigerstar, Nuka and Hawkfrost, Vitani and Tawnypelt

Scar and Tigerstar were both left behind when they were kits by their father. They are ambitious and power-hungry: they kill to get what they want and make a dictatorship in their clan/tribe.

Nuka and Hawkfrost were Scar's and Tigerstar's sons. They were often rejected as young cats/lions and grew bitter due to this. They do everything they can to get noticed by one of their parent and are jealous of their brother, who trey try to kill.

Vitani and Tawnypelt are the daughters of a terrible dictator. They were rejected (well, Vitani wasn't but her mother didn't care much about her). They both chose their own path, betraying their kin to tread the right path for them. 

3) Kovu and Bramblestar; Kiara and Squirrelflight

Kovu and Bramblestar are the sons of two cruel males who nearly distraught their clanmates' life. They were influenced by their dead fathers' wills during a long time, but the two cats chose another, less bloody path when they found love with their fathers'ennemies'daughters. 

Kiara and Squirrelflight are the leaders'daughters. They are bold, quick-tempered, but loyal to the end. They don't want to be remembered for who their parents are but for what they do in their own life. So they are quite independant. When they grow to young adults they become more sensitive to the others around.£

What do you think about that? 

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