I would like it to be about :
 - Whitewing. Why ? Because she is a nice cat, Ivypool's and Dovewing's mother. I would like to know what she thinks about her daughter being part of a prophecy, what she feels about Ivypool's courage and Birchfall's..Sort of betrayal. 
- Blossomfall. To know if she finds a mate, forgive Millie and what she really feels about her sister.
- Firestar 's kithood.To learn his littermate's names.
- Breezepelt. He is an evil cat, but yet I can imagine how he must have felt betrayed , and it mustn't be easy to have a father who doesn't like you.
- Lark and Pine. I don't want them to stay kits forever! I want to know their story!
- Cinderpelt in Starclan with Firestar. Will she tell him she loves him ?
- Ravenpaw's life after the clans left?
- Mothwing's or Cloudtail's life after they start believing in Starclan.

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