who was the better leader?bluestar or firestar?

Bluestar suffered many tragities in her life but all of her losses might have made her a better leader.when she was just an apprintice,her mom died in a battle with windclan that should not have been faught.that helped Bluestar reconise death.her sister snowfur,got killed on the thunder path by a monster,on her mate,thistleclaw got angry at her,claiming that it was blustars falt helped her reconise anger.when she became mates with oakheart, it helped her reconise failing love and her loyalty to her clan.she was the one who accepted firestar into the clans.but when tigerstar attacked her, she was left confused and unfoucised.

firestar started out as a adventures kittypet who wondered to close to the woods and then grawpaw attacked him.later,he got accepted into thunderclan by Bluestar.he became best freinds with grawpaw and helped ravenpaw escape tigerclaw when ravenpaw though that tigerclaw was going to kill him because he knew to much about the death of redtail.he found out the truth about tigerclaw and eventually got tigerclaw exiled from thunder clan.he killed scourge,renewed skyclan and took part in the great battle.

commet bellow how you feel.i do not care what you pick.if you like nither,so be it.

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