which is worse? tigerstar or brokenstar? Tigerstar was ambicious and tried to kill Bluestar many many times. he murdered Redtail and in the end he lead the pack of dogs into thunder clan which had finally killed bluestar. He plotted for countless moons trying to kill firestar and in the end he ended up killing him self by bringing Bloodclan to a gathering and because of his bossyness scourge ended up killing him.

broken star was a super ambiocios and not the good kind. he murdered his own father Raggedstar so that he may become leader. one he was leader he apprenticed kits that were way to young and orderd them to fight with claws out wich resulted in the death of many innicont kits. He framed Yellowfang for the death of to kits and then banished he from shadowclan.In the end yellowfang killed him by feeding him death berries.

if you like one of them I will not juge. commet below how you feel. I do not care which one you pick.

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