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    December 14, 2011 by Bluefeather101

    Ok, yes, i've been making a lot of blogs lately. But I feel this one would be good to discuss as well. If you remember the Project:Userboxes come back blog, you probably saw how everyone was saying coding is useful for users to know, right? So I came up with this, Project:Coding. I doubt anyone will like this idea but I'd still like to talk about it, anyway.

    Project:Coding would basicly be where older users who know coding very well can teach new users how to do it. Sort of like Project:Adopt a User, but for coding specifically. I think this would be a good idea because there are a decent amount of new users who have no idea how to do coding, or what it really is in the first place. I submit this to you, please do not tell me off. :)

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    Evil New Users O.O

    December 13, 2011 by Bluefeather101

    The page name says it all. Obviously, this is on the new users and vandals. I'm not exactly sure what we could do about this but i've seen a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOT of vandals lately. I'm getting really sick of it, honestly. I'm sure all of you are to. I can pretty much bet that the majority of new users lately are vandals/or going to be vandals. I think something needs to be done. I'm not exactly sure what there is to do, but this is where you come in. One of my dreams, honestly is going to the creators of Wiki and asking them to maybe make a test to see whether the users are going to be vandals or not. But that's another story. Again, i'm simply stating what I think. I don't like holding up all the thinking juices, y'know?

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    I know you're probably going to say I have no right to be saying any of this because i'm a newbie and stuff but I think Project:Userbox should come back. My reason being: The recent redoing of apprentice and prey hunter blanks. And characters becoming a higher rank and such. I mean, take Ivypool for example, currently the only way an image of her comes up on a userbox is if it's IvyPAW not IvyPOOL.

    Another example would be Cherrypaw, her userbox would probably be of Cherrykit if she even has a userbox, for that I am not sure. There are new characters that need userboxes. The size of the apprentice userboxes need to be larger because I checked on someones userpage(cause I stalk every once and a while) and I found that the apprentice chararts…

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