I know you're probably going to say I have no right to be saying any of this because i'm a newbie and stuff but I think Project:Userbox should come back. My reason being: The recent redoing of apprentice and prey hunter blanks. And characters becoming a higher rank and such. I mean, take Ivypool for example, currently the only way an image of her comes up on a userbox is if it's IvyPAW not IvyPOOL.

Another example would be Cherrypaw, her userbox would probably be of Cherrykit if she even has a userbox, for that I am not sure. There are new characters that need userboxes. The size of the apprentice userboxes need to be larger because I checked on someones userpage(cause I stalk every once and a while) and I found that the apprentice chararts are WAY TOO SMALL, you can't even see the image.

Thus, I rest my case. Please don't get angry with me for saying this, i'm simply putting it out there because I felt it needed to be discussed. You're probably going to be mad for sharing my opinion. But again, I just felt that maybe we should bring Project:Userbox back because of the reasons I have given. There are MANY characters that have changed ranks since the closing and I honestly think that some(or most) should get userboxes, if not all of them. Thank you for your time in reading this.

Bluefeather Jingle all the way! 00:31, December 13, 2011 (UTC)

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