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    Who is Pumpkin?

    September 8, 2017 by Bluestar11796

    So, in Tigerheart's Shadow, we hear about a cat called Pumpkin. He is mentioned to have taught the guardian cats about herbs, and Fierce mentions that he once lived with forest cats. Tigerheart ponders if he lived with SkyClan when they lived in the gorge. Now, in Hawkwing's Journey, a bunch of SkyClan cats are taken by Twolegs, including the medicine cat, Fidgetpaw. My theory is that Fidgetpaw lived with Twolegs for a while, who gave him the name Pumpkin. He eventually left, trying to find his Clan, and stumbled across what would become the guardian cats. He taught them how to heal wounds and illnesses, then left to continue his search.

    What do you think? Could Pumpkin and Fidgetpaw be the same cat? Or do you think it's someone else?

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