Bluestar of thunderclan

aka Lara canham

  • I live in England
  • My occupation is Watching over the clans
  • I am Female
  • Bluestar of thunderclan

    10. Mousefur. A old and wise elder, swift and noble warrior. She died a heatbreaking death that devastated many readers.

    9. Silverstream of Riverclan. Daughter of crookedstar. Died of kitting her star crossed lovers kits, greystripe.

    Number 8. Leafpool. Her love was far beyond the warrior code, not only was her lover was crowfeather of windclan, she was a medicine cat. She gave up her kits to squirrleflight. When lionblaze, jayfeather, and hollyleaf discovered she was thier mother, hollyleaf announced the truth at a gathering, Leafpool gave up her med cat duties to her apreantice and son, jayfeather.

    number 7. Mistystar. Daughter of Riverclan oak heart and thunderclan bluestar. She forgave bluestar for her actions and fulfilled her leader dut…

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