10. Mousefur. A old and wise elder, swift and noble warrior. She died a heatbreaking death that devastated many readers.

9. Silverstream of Riverclan. Daughter of crookedstar. Died of kitting her star crossed lovers kits, greystripe.

Number 8. Leafpool. Her love was far beyond the warrior code, not only was her lover was crowfeather of windclan, she was a medicine cat. She gave up her kits to squirrleflight. When lionblaze, jayfeather, and hollyleaf discovered she was thier mother, hollyleaf announced the truth at a gathering, Leafpool gave up her med cat duties to her apreantice and son, jayfeather.

number 7. Mistystar. Daughter of Riverclan oak heart and thunderclan bluestar. She forgave bluestar for her actions and fulfilled her leader dutie.

number 6. Millie. A kitty pet that left for the clans. She helped greystripe get back to the clans and fell in love, I feel sorry for her in a way that in starclan greystripe will get with silverstream not Millie.

Number 5. Feathertail. She would be higher if her time in the book was longer, but in the time she had in the spotlight, she saved the tribe of rushing water from sharptooth, a mountain lion. And fell in love with crowfeather.

number 4. Dovewing and ivy pool. Joined in forth place is dovewing and ivypool. Dovewing is the third cat in the prophecy, her ability being her senses amazingly sharp. She saved the clans from dehydration when the river was blocked by beavers. Ivypool was brainwashed by the dark forest to think she was training to be better than her sister, tigerstar tricked her to start a battle between thunderclan and shadowclan. Once she was told about the dark forest plot, she spyed in the dark forest to see what was going on.

Number 3. Squirrleflight. Stubborn and determined. She is incapable of doing anything that she thinks is wrong. She to suffered from the truth being spilled Brambleclaw did not talk to her, and the situation of ash fur. In the last hope, Brambleclaw forgave her and made her deputy.

number 2. Hollyleaf. Not one of the three, but her story is explosive. When she found out squirrleflight was not her mother and ashfur was threatening to tell the clans the truth at the gathering, so hollyleaf killed him. His death was a mystery to the clans, so they thought it was a passing rouge. Hollyleaf then told the clans the truth. She fell down the tunnels never to be seen again.... Till the lost warrior. She saved two apprentices in the forest from a fox, they thought it was sol because he had appeared in camp. Hollyleaf then helped blossom fall and ivypool out of the tunnels and then came back to camp. In the last hope hollyleaf is killed by hawkfrost and forgave Leafpool, and it is ravelled that fallen leafs had fell in love with her... Fewww!

Honerable mentions. Mapleshade Russetfur Mothwing Sasha Brook Cody.

number 1 bluestar. READ BLUESTARS PROPHECY!!! I am giving no spoilers but she is the best warrior cat ever!!!! Short tempered, loyal and brave bluestar lived up to her name.

Thank u for reading!!!!

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