aka Bluestar

  • I live in ThunderClan
  • I was born on October 3
  • My occupation is Being leader of ThunderClan and i`m not boring
  • I am female
  • BluestarleaderofThunderClan

    ok, I think people should get over this whole "Millie stole Graystripe from Silverstream" thing. It is not important. I also have this question in my head: Why do people not like Bluestar? Bluestar is my favorite cat. Ok, so she was grieving when her mom/sister died. How is that suppoused to make you not like her? And we all get whiny sometimes. And, wouldn`t you grieve for your dead sister/brother/mom/dad? I would! And a lot of people like me agree Ashfur is bad. But its ok if people like him. And I`m not saying people have to agree with me. Next, Scourge. I don`t see why people dislike him. He is a cat like all the others! Ok, so he is a killer. So that matters? He was once a kittypet named Tiny. Think about him being one for his whole l…

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  • BluestarleaderofThunderClan

    1. Bluestar, because she is leader and very loyal to her Clan. She has a great mate. But there are also many reasons others could dislike her.

    2. Leafstar, because she is leader and very loyal to her Clan. But, in my opinion, her mate has a bad name.

    3. Echosong, because she is very pretty. She is also a very nice cat. She also has a pretty name.

    4. Spottedleaf, because she is a very pretty cat. She also knows her herbs very well. I wish I had a cat like her.

    5. Silverstream, because she is a very pretty cat. She is a very shiny silver. She is also very sleek.

    6. Cinderpelt, because she reminds me of my old cat, Monkey. She also knows her herbs very well.

    7. Leafpool, I like her name. She is also very pretty. She knows her herbs very well too.


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