ok, I think people should get over this whole "Millie stole Graystripe from Silverstream" thing. It is not important. I also have this question in my head: Why do people not like Bluestar? Bluestar is my favorite cat. Ok, so she was grieving when her mom/sister died. How is that suppoused to make you not like her? And we all get whiny sometimes. And, wouldn`t you grieve for your dead sister/brother/mom/dad? I would! And a lot of people like me agree Ashfur is bad. But its ok if people like him. And I`m not saying people have to agree with me. Next, Scourge. I don`t see why people dislike him. He is a cat like all the others! Ok, so he is a killer. So that matters? He was once a kittypet named Tiny. Think about him being one for his whole life. He needs some freedom! Ok, The Dark Forest holds many cats people dislike. But you can like them! We move on to the medicine cats. Ok, Cinderpelt. She gave medicine to the ShadowClan right? So that matters? The cats can do whatever they want. They don`t have to follow the warrior code! Now, Leafpool. She ran away with Crowfeather, right? Then again, she doesn't have to follow the warrior code! For StarClan`s sake she is a cat! So you dislike her just for that? Ok, now leaders. I know this for a fact, a lot of people dislike Onestar. I dislike him too! He became leader just to show that WindClan could fight without help from another Clan. That is not the reason cats become leader as we all know. Cats don`t become leader for any reason. Ok, Firestar. He was leader for a long time. He was the one who restored SkyClan. Ok, you dislike him because he was going to make Spottedleaf his mate? Then again, they don`t have to follow the warrior code! If Spottedleaf had lived longer he probably would ask her to be his mate. Ok, you dislike Firestar because he was once a kittypet? Some of the most poplouar charecters were kittypets! And blame Bluestar for that she invited him into the Clan. One thing, really guys? You hate on kittypets? That is a very silly reason to hate cats! Ok, now I move to warriors. How could you like Ashfur? He ignores his apprentice, kills just for living, and breaks the warrior code! I am not going to put up with a cat I already dislike breaking the warrior code! Ok, so ban Ashfur, ban Ashfur! Ok, now Silverstream. I know, she liked a cat from another Clan. So that matters? Big deal. So what? Cats can`t like other cats? They are just cats for StarClan`s sake! Get over it! So, now we go to Graystripe. Same as Silverstream. Ok cats! It is time for this blog to end. Bye!

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