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    Who was worse?Bluestar or Thistleclaw?

    Let us start with this cat I highly dislike. Bluestar is probably one of the worst cats in the series in my opinion. Bluestar broke more rules than Thistleclaw has, and yet. Thistleclaw went to the Dark Forest!? It doesn't make sense- yes he was protective and he was ambitious but has he killed any cat? No. Bluestar, yes hasn't killed any cat, but still: Here are the rules she broke:

    1. Bluestar took a mate from a different Clan
    1. Made apprentices into warriors without completing their training (Cloudtail)
    1. Made kits into apprentices a couple of moons early
    1. Gave away kits 

    Now let us go see how many rules Thistleclaw has broken:

    1. None. 


    Now this is my opinion. I know that there will be hate- and I am ok will p…

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