So as some of you may know, Erin Hunter (A.K.A Vicky Holmes)* is going on a tour in Barnes 'n Noble. I went and it was awesome and I'm going to write down the information Vicky revealed there. That didn't sound braggy did it?

(Note: I got the idea for writing this by seeing Ivystripe taking questions, note to Ivystripe: If you want I'll get this deleted)

SPOILER ALERT (Still confused about the template)

  • After Yellowfang's secret there will be a super edition about Tallstar.
  • The reason Briarlight didn't die was because Vicky's cousin Dan got paralyzed after Fading Echoes came out, and she wants to keep Briarlight alive from that.
  • The first book of Dawn in the Clans won't have any ThunderClan perspective.
  • The thing about Thistleclaw orginally being in StarClan isn't true.
  • Orginally Bramblestar's nine lives ceremony was in the book.
  • Vicky hates cats, she's allergic. Her favorite part of the series is making cat's die.
  • There won't be a SpyClan. (Yes someone actually asked. Will there be a SpyClan?) xD
  • That's all I remember.
  • Kate, and Cherith couldn't come.

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