I don't know how to do the spoiler template so consider this a spoiler warning...

Fire alone can save our clan

Before there is peace blood will spill blood and the lake will run red.

What do those two prophecies have in common? They came true.

There will be three kin of your kin who will hold the power of the stars in their paws.

After the sharp-eyed jay and the roaring lion peace will come on dove's gentle wing.

Those two prophecies didn't amount to much. The latter was hardly mentioned and the former... well it was talked about lots and completely major. Jayfeather reunited StarClan but what excatly did Lionblaze and Dovewing do? If I recall correctly they didn't kill Brokenstar and Hawkfrost. They fought but... hardly did anything. It was what Firestar and Jayfeather did that won the battle.

Second, the low death toll. It's described as a huge battle yet only four ThunderClan cats died from it. And two of them were hardly fighting. Also Briarlight stayed alive, she's one of my favorites and I'd hate to see her die but she kind of had to. It's unrealistic that a cat with a broken lower spine could stay alive that long in the wild even with a medicine cat. And all the kits stayed alive. If The Place of no Stars was going after them with only three cats (two of them with hardly any battle training) gaurding it one kit was bound to die.

Third, Firestar being the fourth cat. I mean seriously!? He had a whole series to himself and was hardly in the books before this with an important role. There are so many other cats who it would've been more interesting. But it was Firestar.

Ok that last reason was more of a rant but... still.

Fourth (and final) we didn't learn what happened with the other clans. Since ThunderClan was fighting with them I'd expect to know more but you never learn... who died in the other clans? Heathertail hardly appeared even though she was major in the third series, and with Mistystar and Onestar they could've died for all I know since they hardly appeared in battle.

So yeah... that ends my rant-blog. The Last Hope was good but it could've been a lot better. If you disagree feel free to say so.

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